Cooperative Blockchain Foundation

Who are we?

The CBF are an organisation dedicated to the development of blockchain technologies for Cooperatives and Mutuals. Currently in the Exploratory Development phase of our programme, we are well underway with analysis and design of the solutions we’ll soon bring to the market.


The key objectives of the CBF Project are to deliver innovative blockchain solutions to Cooperatives and Mutuals, of any size, in any location around the world, for free. By developing meaningful solutions, based on the most modern of technologies, we aim to provide real value that benefits the Organisations and Members.

News & Updates

As we complete the design of our proposed blockchain based offerings, we will publish our White Paper, Technical Overview, Investor Guide and Tokenomics Paper for interested parties to review. More will be added to this website as we progress and all will be communicated on our social media channels.

Register of Interest

If you are interested in volunteering to assist in the design and development of blockchain solutions for Cooperatives and Mutuals or you are running such an Organisation or are a Member and are interested in learning more about the solutions we are working on – please use our Register of Interest form to get in touch.